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Polished, Shiny and slippery do not need to be synonyms. There is a myth that suggests that a shiny floor is a slippery floor, and while that may be true with some floors, that is not the a solid cause-and-effect relationship. If we can hydroplane a car on a rough concrete or asphalt floor there are other factors. In fact, the presence of water or dust or another unattached medium is generally required to grease the surface as they say. That said, while a rougher surface can assist the situation this can still be overcome with sufficient water and speed. We can skip a flat rough rock on a body of water (what was your record? 10 times, 20 before it sank beneath the waves)?

MARBLELIFE Enduracrete can provide a variety of ways to assist you in enhancing the anti-slip properties of your concrete surfaces…without sacrificing design freedoms.

  • Jim & I are extremely satisfied with the quality of work of your company. Phillip and Josh were hard-working, professional and carrying! Thank you again for a GREAT job. Betty & Jim Smeenge
  • We have about 800 sq feet of marbel flooring that we walk and play on. We have lived here in Pelican Bay, Daytona Beach twenty years with loads of company and visitors. We have two young grandsons, 8 & 10 who love to slide and play on the marbel. After twenty years of motorcycle boots and ten years of playing the marbel was a mess. Marblelife with owner Michael brought the marble back to life. It took two days of busywork and the marble looked great. My wife loves it and she especially loves Marblelife. There was no cleanup for her once the job was complete. I really enjoyed the professional Marblelife personnel. The made a hard job look easy. And no mess to clean up.
  • Mike worked very hard and it shows! The floors are beautiful, perfectly polished and glowing with shine. Thank you for your service and professionalism.
  • The job was excellent. My wife said your staff was very professional.
  • It was a very good experience. Phil and Josh did a great job, were incredibly pleasant and professional and went way overboard to please me and my husband. I am very happy with the great job they did.
  • Excellent. I have already recommended you to a friend. She will call you. G Garcia
  • I am not an easy customer to please when I have people working in my home. But I have to tell you that the two men who were here working on my travertine floor were the nicest people who I have ever had do any work in my home. The floor looks great. They did a fabulous job cleaning the travertine and sealing the grout with a new color. What a tedious job! I use your products and now will continue to use your services. Thank you so much!
  • Mike was very courteous and efficient. He did an excellent job on our vanities..they look like new! I would highly recommend Marblelife to any of my friends and acquaintences.
  • Great service and the work was very nice. My bathroom & bedroom look great! Thank you!
  • Pleased. The guys did a great job and did not leave a mess.
  • very professional. no wasted time
  • Wow!!!! The job done on my exotic granite island is absolutely incredible, the luster and beautiful shine that has been restored is indescribable. I recommend this company without hesitation or reserve, the knowledge of the product from Mike was very comforting, thank you to Marblelife for making me feel that my granite is as beautiful as when I first had it put in 11 years ago!!!
  • Excellent company
  • Very professional and done in the timeframe you had originally stated and the outcome was very good
  • Very polite and courteous staff. Our floors and counter tops turned out amazing!
  • Estimate was done quickly after initial contact. Service was scheduled quickly after estimate and acceptance. Technicians were great! I am totally pleased with my results - grout looks like it did when the house was completed 10 years ago. And, this was the first time it had ever been cleaned.
  • They were very professional, and well versed in the care of natural stone. The prices quoted were fair in comparisons to others. When they came to do the work they were very professional and detailed in the care of the floor. I was very pleased and would gladly have them back again
  • Sales person very knowledgeable. Service well experienced, kind and considerate. Took care NOT to damage walls.
  • Workers showed up on time. They did an excellent job, and were very careful not to leave a mess. I will recommend them, and use them again.
  • The guys who came out to our house did a wonderful job of cleaning our shower and the bath's marble floors.
  • I am very impressed with this company, they were at my home within a day to give me an estimate and in 4 days the job was completed. The put a lot of time in protecting my floors and surrounding areas. They left my kitchen spotless and my 10 year old marble looked like new. The technicians were true professionals and went over and beyond what they were hired to do. They even turned me on to an amazing product for my wood floors and I have used Bona for many years. I am a convert now. I can sum it up by saying they were very professional, courteous and clean. I will make this an annual service. L.Gray
  • They called and asked if they could come earlier then scheduled, that suited me perfercly
  • What a great company!! Reliable...dependable and very, very nice. I would highly recommend Marblelife of Central Florida. A very well run organized company. Many, many thanks !! My floors and staircase look beautiful.
  • Great job, great service! Our Travertine floors look beautiful.
  • Very Professional and courteous!
    Cambridge Home
  • Professional, timely and experienced.


    EnduraCrete® Anti-Slip Coatings can help maintain the safety of your surfaces while enhancing value and reducing maintenance costs. Our slip-resistant coatings and treatments can be married with stained concrete to provide an optimal coefficient-of-friction. Neither too grabby nor too slippery and centered within the Veteran Administrations coefficient-of-friction recommendations. This can be achieved while still maintaining even a glossy surface. This images you see here deliver results within the VA’s optimal recommendations.


    If you have a space that will see standing water such as a shower or locker room, the introduction of anit-slip media can enhance traction, and can be implemented without negatively impacting color or design. Sandwiched between coating layers one can alter a flat surface to a textured one and still maintain reflectivity.


    MARBLELIFE ENDURACRETE TILELOK anti-slip coatings also provide anti-mold and anti-graffiti benefits. Our inorganic low-moisture vapor penetration chemistry results in a coating which provides no organic media for the mold to feed on, and cuts it off from potential moisture penetrating from behind the surface. Our coating has 5-year testing supporting its anti-mold benefits. We don’t kill mold, we just alter the space to make it unattractive for mold to survive and thrive. In fact, if you have a mold issue, we can apply this coating and halt the re-appearance.

    Described as liquid glass, this technology blocks paint and permanent marker from bonding in the normal manner, making them easily removeable without disrupting the coating, or requiring recoating. Lets restate that, this is NOT a sacrificial treatment, but rather turns your substrate into a veritable white board with an easy release surface. Paint and pen art can be easily washed away by in-house janitorial staff with a solvent-based cleaner, eliminating the cost, time, frustration and depending on the message, embarrassment graffiti can be. Artists want their work seen. When it disappears immediately, they move on without a fight to easier prey. Win the battle by changing the battlefield conditions with MARBLELIFE ENDURACRETE ANTI-GRAFFITI treatments.

    Simply engineered to be a better final floor and wall final treatment, MARBLELIFE anti-slip performance coatings and treatments enable you to deliver increased safety, beauty, longevity, while reducing maintenance costs, all with an optimal floor traction.

    If slip-and-fall accidents are a concern, talk to MARBLELIFE®. Our Craftsmen stand by the quality of our work and are confident that our standards will meet—and even exceed—your expectations. Call today for your free estimate (407) 487-2211.

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