Mexican tile and terra cotta are characterized by warm reds and browns and come in a variety of finishes from matte to gloss. These delicate man-made tiles require regular maintenance to preserve their appearance. Once the topical seal is worn through, the tile is susceptible to permanent damage which may require total replacement.  

Mexican Tile or Terra Cotta?

Mexican Tiles are made from clay dug up from the ground and baked at temperatures high enough to stimulate a chemical reaction within the clay, causing it to permanently solidify and harden.
These tiles are notoriously distinctive and vibrant, with many unique and expressive varieties available. But it is not only beautiful, Mexican Tile is also functional and practical. And can provide long-lasting surfaces if properly installed and maintained.  

In Italian, terra cotta means “baked earth.” It is a type of clay-based ceramic earthenware that can be either glazed or unglazed. After the refined clay is formed into the desired shape, it is dried and then placed into a kiln (or other heat source) and fired. This “baking” process releases the characteristic rust-colored appearance, although color can vary widely and includes many shades of yellows, oranges, pinks, grays, and browns. Terra cotta is very porous and therefore, is usually recommended to be glazed and sealed.

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  • I am not an easy customer to please when I have people working in my home. But I have to tell you that the two men who were here working on my travertine floor were the nicest people who I have ever had do any work in my home. The floor looks great. They did a fabulous job cleaning the travertine and sealing the grout with a new color. What a tedious job! I use your products and now will continue to use your services. Thank you so much!
  • Mike was very courteous and efficient. He did an excellent job on our vanities..they look like new! I would highly recommend Marblelife to any of my friends and acquaintences.
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    Cambridge Home
  • Professional, timely and experienced.
  • Restoring Mexican Tile and Terra Cotta

    These unique tiles show wear through stains, lime spots, fading, and stained grout lines. With each issue possibly requiring different treatments and solutions. Highly trained MARBLELIFE® professionals will not only walk you through the repair process, but also the most likely causes, your repair options, and how to properly maintain your surface once the repair is completed.


    Caring for Mexican Tile and Terra Cotta

    If you’re unsure of how to care for your Mexican tile or Terra Cotta – contact your local MARBLELIFE® office and they’ll be happy to provide you the guidance to find the right products.

    Professional Tips:

    1. Avoid honing, grinding, or attempting to level your tile. This creates dust clouds that can take months to clean and typically results in need to repaint entire rooms. Mexican tile and terra cotta should ONLY be services by companies or individuals with adequate experience and knowledge.
    2. Keep acidic cleaners and color stains away from your tile. Acids will react with the tile surface, leaving white or lime spots if exposed to unprotected floors and washing out the surface color.
    3. Motor oil has historically been used to seal Mexican tile and terra cotta, creating a soft patina finish (along with a somewhat persistent oily smell). This technique is still used, although MARBLELIFE® developed alternative solutions that deliver the same outcome, without the oily feel and odor.

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